I attended bible studies and finished the course 2002 November, I had no ministry direction or experience. I had the honour of receiving the Change
magazine, which then it was a guidance for me to begin my own ministry.

The Church magazine helped and guided me with important information on running a ministry and living the perfect will that God has appointed for me.

The theme making a mark that cannot be erased impacted my life and congregation in the church now my ministry is greatly favoured, established and spreading across nations.

We built a church building of a 5000 seater in a record two months and fully furnished it. We thank God for his hand upon our ministry. The Lord has blessed me and I have begun to sow seed in the ministry by partnering with them to spread the gospel of grace throughout the world.

Thank you for Prophet E Godsaint for your obedience to the voice of God and changing our lives spiritually.

We truly are grateful.

We love you and your family. ,